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Solicitation No: RFQ 92771-19  from GOAA Purchasing 
Olimpia Lonsdale
Purchasing Office 8652 Casa Verde Road, Bldg. 811 Orlando FL, 32827-4338 United States
Tel: 407-825-6429
Fax: 407-825-4020

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Duration Dates Start Date
March 06, 2019 at 4:30:00 PM EST
March 06, 2019 at 4:30:00 PM EST
End Date
March 12, 2019 at 2:00:00 PM EDT
March 12, 2019 at 2:00:00 PM EDT
Solicitation RFQ 92771-19
Title Lightware Equipment (Project: BP-488)
Delivery Terms Free On Board Destination
Description See the attached RFQ document. 
Payment Terms Net 30 Days
Bidders Conference None
Contact Information Olimpia Lonsdale
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
8652 Casa Verde Rd., Bld. 811
Orlando, FL 32827
Other Requirements
Scope of Work See attached RFQ document.

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 92771-19 - RFQ - BP-488 - LIGHTWARE.pdf  
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